Summer Challenge 2020

TC has been kind enough to provide an interesting challenge for us. You might want to spend some time thinking about how you might tackle it!……………….There is no hurry!

We are very unlikely to be able to meet up again this year so the committee have set a finishing date of the end of November. Those who wish to share their finished pieces will be asked to email photos and we will post them in a gallery on this website under the ‘Members Only’ section.

Pick a Theme, a book title or work of art or if you prefer perhaps a flower – poppy,  tulip etc or a specific bird/s – blackbird – gull.  Or a landscape,  buildings or a skyline.

A4 up to A3 size.

If you wish, write up your story regarding your chosen piece, it is always interesting to hear what has inspired people and their thought processes.

Depending on your time you can either use all the things listed below in one piece, or make four pieces each one using a different item.

  • Something New
  • Something Old
  • Something Given
  • Something Gold

All to be done in a range of one colour except for the gold.  Perhaps shades of white to cream, or an ombre effect of blues or green etc.  It can be as modern and artistic as you choose.

Something New

A new fabric or texture that you have never used before.  It can plush like a velvet, or one of the modern mediums like tyvek or lutrador.

Something Old

Something that can be given a new lease of life like a piece of old tatting, lace or crochet.  Old silk or satin with embroidery etc

Something Given

Something that you have received from another person.  It can be an old piece as above – or remnants swapped with a friend.  Pieces acquired from a charity shop.

Something Gold

It can be a little piece ‘like the one poppy in a field’ approach.  A gold ribbon binding or gold embellishment for example.

The above ideas are to get your imagination going and I am sure that you will think of something unique.