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Zoom Talk – Before the Zip – evening of 5th August 2020

Many thanks to Deborah for making this talk possible.

She will be sending out invitations, forwarded by Sun Jester (the hosts), to everyone who has booked. This will be a few days before the event, with the start time, meeting ID and password.

Deborah has also set up a Zoom get together for anyone who wants to join in, half an hour after the talk is likely to have finished. That should give everyone time to put the kettle on and have a comfort stop, before returning for a natter at 8.30pm. The meeting ID and password will be sent at the same time as the one for the talk (note there is a different meeting ID and password to the talk).

It’s not too late to join the talk if you were undecided before. Just contact Deborah but don’t leave it too late.