Guest Speakers

First live talks

On 15th September Angie Hughes will be giving a talk – “Creative Ice Breaking” providing ideas to kick start the making process.

6th October will be a “Sit and Sew”

On 20th October we will be having a Talk by Jackie Partridge of “Make-It Happen” (the fabric, haberdashery art and craft shop in Hereford).  Jackie has had a very interesting career that includes theatre costume design, costumes for drag queens and teaching textiles.


Face to face meeting restart

We held our first face to face meeting on the evening of 4th August with 21 members attending.  The show and tell was a great ice breaker and members have certainly been busy during the last year or so with some amazing and varied items shown.

We held our second face to face meeting on 18th August with 19 members attending.  Some of Angela Howard’s fabrics/books etc. were brought to the meeting and sold on her husband’s behalf to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice.  We have been informed that £137.50 was raised.  Thank you to all who contributed.

A very select little band of 7 met on 1st August.  Hopefully this is simply because some of you are away etc. it being so close to the bank holiday.


Show and Tell – Zoom Meeting

All members are invited to join our ‘Show and Tell’ meeting by Zoom on Wednesday 21st October.

You should have already been contacted by email giving notice of the event and if you have had a reply from Angela, you will recieve an invitation with the zoom link in the next few days.

Just in case you missed the notification, had forgotten about it or have changed your mind, you can contact Angela on the day.

Guest Speakers, News

Ruth Singer – Criminal Quilts – Zoom Talk

Many thanks to Ruth Singer for such an interesting talk about her journey through her work and especially how she came upon the subject of Criminal Quilts. It really is a look into a slice of Victorian life the history books don’t cover. Ruth spent many years researching the unfortunate lives of some of the impoverished women who passed through Stafford Prison. The work she has created has bought colour and life to their black and white images to tell some of their story.

If you missed the talk, have a look at the Ruth’s website

There is a free video to watch plus a lot of information about her work, books and exhibition.

Guest Speakers, News

‘Before the Zip’ – Talk by Sun Jester

Many thanks to Sun Jester for a very interesting talk about the journey from our earliest recorded ‘thread’ and ‘textiles’, not necessarily from fibres we know today, progressing to garments that require functional fastenings. If you don’t know what a nettle shirt is, you should have joined us!

The Zoom aspect worked well. I think we learned a few things that would improve the next talk. If you have never used Zoom or don’t like the idea of people seeing you on screen you can have your camera ‘off’ but still watch the talk. We all had our microphones off too. There was a chance to ask questions at the end when you turn your microphone back on.

If you have any questions or would like more information, just get in touch with Deborah, Lyn or Angela.