Zoom Meetings and Website

I’d like to thank Kate for hosting our ‘Show and Tell’ meeting by Zoom on Wednesday 21st October. It was nice to catch up with everyone and see their quilts. Hopefully we’ll get some more meetings set up over the winter months.

Lyn thought I should mention that she accidently left the meeting while trying to share a photograph!  So it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong, we’re all learning to use modern technology to “meet up” and enjoy each others company. Maybe more of you might join next time. 

As you will have heard Angela is no longer able to administer the website and I’d like to thank her for the good job she’s been doing.

The good news is the website is no longer on hold as I have now taken it on. Although I’ve worked with computers for over forty years I never worked with website design or administration so this is something new for me. I may not get it right to begin with as I work out how to do it, but it just needs practice.

If anyone has photos of their lockdown projects, “blocks of the month”, “summer challenge” or any other suggestions for the website they can now be sent to me.

Keep quilting and stay safe.